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Interior Detail   

                     Interior detailing gets your vehicle in as 'like new' condition as possible.  Sometimes a clean interior can still hold a lot of unnoticed dirt and grime build up.  Sometimes we don't even know the potential of how clean certain areas of your interior can get until it has been thoroughly steam cleaned and disinfected.  We can price a specific interior detail based on request if you don't want or need all of the options performed listed below.

Detail includes:

**Full exterior wash

**Glass inside and out

**Fine brush / clean crevices, vents, seat rails, vents, and other dirt trapping areas

**Full 3 set vacuum pass +brush / compressed air assist

**Pet hair removal

**Steam clean seats from top to bottom

**Condition all leather

**Steam clean door panels

**Steam clean steering wheel / console

**Super clean floor mats

**Dress interior with non gloss / non greasy interior solution

**Deep clean door jambs as well as trunk jamb

  Starting at:     $200  - Van's and full sized SUV's with 3rd row seating +$40

***Please note all stains are not created equal.  I use a combination of Steam - mild all purpose cleaner and technique along with many different interior tools / brushes.  Each stain is unique and some stains are there for good.  I am confident with my methods / tools and product combined with the power of steam we can give your interior a 'like new' makeover to enjoy

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