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      A package that covers a full interior detail disinfecting all surfaces with steam.  Also a full exterior detail Polish + Seal.  See below for included detailed steps taken for this multi-staged inside and out detail

Interior includes:

**Glass inside and out

**Fine brush / clean crevices, vents, seat rails, vents, and other dirt trapping areas

**Full 3 set vacuum pass +brush / compressed air assist

**Pet hair removal

**Steam clean ALL seats from top to bottom

**Condition all leather

**Steam clean ALL door panels

**Steam clean steering wheel / console

**Super clean all floor mats

**Dress all interior with non gloss / non greasy interior solution

**Deep clean all door jambs as well as trunk jamb

Exterior includes:

**Full exterior wash

**Degrease wheel wells, rims, tires, and front bumper if needed

**Dress all exterior trim / tires

**Polish chrome / exhaust tip(s)

**Clean glass inside and out

**Detail all door jambs/sills and trunk jamb

**Vacuum interior / basic wipe down

**Claybar entire vehicle  (removes contaminants in preperation for sealant/wax)

**Machine Polish all painted surfaces

**Synthetic Seal or Wax all painted surfaces to protect and shine like new


    Starting at:    $340  -  Full sized Trucks, SUV's, and Vans +$60



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