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 Exterior Detail: Ultimate Protect*  

                     A basic exterior detail is essential in maintaining your cars paint keeping it protected from many different environmental fallout and situational contaminants polluting your paints surface.  Another bright side of this detail is it will make your car look 'like new' again.  If your vehicle does not have a wax, sealant or coating applied to protect your clear coat and paint it will be easier for your paint to fail when exposed to certain everyday contaminants that land on many cars daily.  Over spray, bird droppings, tree sap, hard water, UV rays, oxidation, etc..etc... can all cause damage to your investment  I recommend doing this at least 2 times a year for consistent protection from all of the above. 

Detail includes:


**Full exterior wash

**Degrease wheel wells, rims, tires, and front bumper if needed

**Dress all exterior trim / tires

**Polish chrome / exhaust tip(s)

**Clean glass inside and out

**Claybar entire vehicle  (removes contaminants in preperation for sealant/wax)

**Detail all door jambs/sills and trunk jamb

**Vacuum interior / basic wipe down

**Synthetic seal or Wax all painted surfaces to protect and shine like new

  Starting at:    $180  -  Full sized Trucks, SUV's, and Vans +$60

***Please note that paint correction is NOT included in the basic exterior detail, I quote paint correction work on a case by case basis and preferably like to see the vehicle in person or at least see pictures of the vehicle in day light before offering a quote.  In many cases I will do a test spot to see if the results desired are achievable ***some paint will be damaged beyond what a polisher can bring back.

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