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Mini Detail

         With Josher Mobile Auto Detailing we will come to you and in turn you will save an hour each car wash you get opposed to going to a car wash and waiting for your vehicle.  52 hours of your life given back each year when you let the car wash come to you!  We do spend a lot more attention to detail washing vehicles than the assembly line car washes.  100% soft water and quality products we are proud to be using.  This service is more than a car wash it's a Mini Detail!


      1.5 - 2.5   hours aprox. 

**Pre-rinse all loose dirt and debris off paints surface
**Foam canon to loosen and remove all dirt, debris, and road grime

**Degrease wheel wells / wheels / tires +dressing  

**Fully dry exterior by hand +compressed air

**Clean glass inside and out.  

**Basic wipe down / Dusting of dash and components

**Full interior vacuum.

**Wash / dry door jambs and sills

**Spray Wax application

$100 - $140 based on vehicle size

***Please note that we are a fully mobile equipped shop on wheels, we provide our own shade, softened water, and electricity.   Hard water causes etchings that need to be polished out to in order to be removed which can be preventable when properly maintaining your vehicles paint needs and basic wash protocol.   We will maintain your vehicle to the best of our ability and will always use softened water for all services offered.

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